Saturday, January 25, 2014

Feel the Essence of Love with your Valentine
Love is a strong feeling of affection. When this affection is added up with trust and loyalty, it makes a complete sense. Defining love is actually a tough task but we can say that the relationship between two individual with trust and loyalty in such an affectionate manner that they can fulfill the responsibility taken by them for each other. Love is always related with care. Caring for someone with absolute selfish is the real love.
Discussing about love is not to define the love but our concern is to describe the fragrance of love which is there in the air. Nowadays one can feel the aroma of love very strongly as the Valentine week is so close. Celebration of love for 7 days is becoming the passion and desire of modern day lovers to rejoice their love in a different style.

Let’s start their celebration with the Rose day. It falls on 7th of February. Flowers are always a symbol of friendship. So, kick off the celebration with some Red or Yellow Roses. Wait a while for the selection, whether it is a yellow or a red! As it is a well known fact that yellow is for friendship and red is for being in love.

Follow the Rose day with the Propose day on 8th February. Depending upon the facts that whether your friend accepted the red or yellow rose decide to propose or not. If the Yellow Rose is being accepted, then better luck next time. But if Red Rose is accepted then be ready to propose with a beautiful heart shaped ring or love charm bracelet. These are the perfect gift for your partner and leave very less chance to be got rejected as your partner will surly fall for the jewelry as well as for you.

If she or he has accepted your proposal then it is the time for celebration. So celebrate it with style, with some chocolates. Ya! It is the Chocolate day which is celebrated on 9th February.

After adding the sweetness in both of your life gift each other with the softness of teddy because this is the cutest gift for someone special. Celebrate the Teddy day on 10th February to show your care for your partners.

All the formalities of give n take has taken place now. It is the time of some serious talk. Yep, now prepare to commit some promises for now and always on Promise day which falls on 11th February. This will prove how serious are you in your relationship.

Have you impressed your partner with your promises?  Then come on give him or her tight hug for the feeling of the warmth of your love. This is Hug day which is celebrated on 12th February. 

Feeling of the warmth is not sufficient for a true lover. With a firm hug, one should kiss their partner to show the passion of their love for each other. So, celebrate the Kiss day on 13th February with warmth of love.

Here comes the day, the day for true lovers, The Valentine Day! 14th February, the occasion to sparkle like Diamond, blush like Ruby and behave like Sapphire. Be the center of attraction between all the lovers by making this day memorable in your own style for you & your partner for life long.