Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top 3 Jewelry Gifts For Veterans

Are you thinking of sending a personalized gift for someone serving in the army or someone whose love for nation is out of the box? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Whether praising them for their selfless service or blessing those who are sitting thousands of miles away in service of nation, jewelry can speak volumes about your loving emotions.

No matter if your beloved is serving in the Navy, Army, Marines or Air Force, he would definitely love to keep a jewelry gift close to his heart wherever he goes. So this Veterans Day, we have picked top 3 designer jewelry items that can be presented as a souvenir to your brave loved ones:

Durable Macramé Bracelet

Even though he is far away, a macramé bracelet can always remind him of your sincere and thoughtful sentiments. A bright colored Macramé bracelet, braided to perfection in strong knots can compliment his rough and tough personality in the best manner. Beautifully interwoven with diamonds and precious gemstones, these bracelets are durable, light to wear, and very affordable.

Cross Charm Pendant

Pendants are the best way to adorn a personalized gift close to the heart. For years, charms have been used to bring happiness and good health to our loved ones. A cross pendant encrusted with lustrous pave diamonds will bring a smile on his face thus keeping him safe from negative emotions. Your special man will jump with joy when he receives this jewelry piece that can be used with all formal or casual wears.

Traditional Gold Ring

Gold rings are among the oldest form of jewelry that has been adorned since the pre-historic era. The hardness of this metal makes it easy to wear regularly without losing its impeccable gloss. Usually, men prefer to flaunt thicker and wider ring as it looks good in their bold hands. A touch of colored gemstone or diamond will make it even more appealing.

Whether your gentleman loves to show off his unique style or in acquisition of plain accessories, these gifts would create a lasting impression and give him in strength during those tough do-or-die situations.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pushkar Fair- Dissolving India’s Geographical Boundaries

Spell bounding display of colorfully painted camels, shadows of Rajasthani culture and countless handcrafted items to mesmerize you- the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness Indian vibrancy is commonly known as Pushkar Fair. Held for 14 days in November during the Karthik month (usually October-November), this amazing fair attracts more than 11,000 camels and 4, 00,000 tourists every year. It is firmly believed that those who bathe in Pushkar Lake absolve all their sins and receive divine blessings. 

Rural India flock with cattle

This kaleidoscopic event brings the sacred town of Pushkar to life that is located in the broiling heart of Marusthali Desert. The first few days of this dramatic event are special for those who hold a specific interest in cattle trading. Watch in amazement as camels, horses and other livestock are painted, beautified and raced to attract the best buyers at the Pushkar Camel Fair.

Religious Flavor
Originally begun as a festival to honor Lord Brahma, the latter half of this Mela starts taking a religious turn.  The lofty sand dunes get covered with colorfully dressed devotees, snake charmers, folk dancers, musicians, sadhus and acrobats. 
The Ferry wheel enthralls queues of giggling Rajput women in their bright saris and gleaming bangles that stretch from shoulder to wrist. The street vendors sell jewelry, pans, matkas and other items. The gleaming hues of camp fires in the Thar Desert can soothe anyone’s mind and soul. 

Exciting Competitions

To provide an enchanting and enjoyable experience to its visitors, this spectacular fair comprises of various events. A few of them are milking, wrestling, matka phod and various sports competitions. Rural Gram Haat, Shilp Gram Art & Craft Mela are a must to attend for any elite globetrotter. 

After the fair, one may head towards experiencing the entire Rajasthan or wind up with the eternal Golden Triangle of India. If you missed the wonder and breathtaking photographic opportunities this time, book your tickets as the next arrives at 19-25 November next year.  

Friday, October 31, 2014

Celeb Inspired Halloween

Are you searching for the perfect Halloween attire?? This year, why not dress like your favorite movie character or a renowned celebrity. You can effortlessly accessorize a simple outfit, dress up like your favorite celebs, and win that Halloween costume competition this time. 
Since Halloween is fast approaching, we have shortlisted some easy to carry celebrity outfits and designer jewelry that might inspire you. Have a look and get creative ideas to rock the much awaited eve: 

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet’s style and elegance has increased with the passing years. The star shot to fame with the blockbuster Titanic and carries an unparalleled charm with her classic evening gowns in dark shades. The subtle hues of diamond dangle earrings add a wow factor to her look. This Halloween, Kate’s dress can be the unusual yet easy look to flaunt.  For extra points, try some scary tattoos.

Scarlett Johansson
Best known for her splendid work in films like ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Nanny Diaries’, Scarlett has been dominating the fashion world with her unmatched flashy jewelry pieces. This side staple black gown embellished with a pearl necklace will make you popular among people this Halloween. Just pull your black outfit out of the closet and pair them with Scarlett inspired accessories and that spooky attitude.


Emma Roberts
Cute and versatile, Emma gets her fashion sense from aunt Julia Roberts. The popular actress and singer is a trendsetter of funky yet fabulous outfits. If you’re looking for something unique, try this white fur dress that has a glamorous appeal. Don’t forget to add the stylish two-finger ring embellished with pave diamonds. Carry Emma’s cool confidence and you’ll be the talk of the town this Halloween.

Halloween is the best time to reveal your craze for the superstars. Along with the spooky dress and jewelry, carry star attitude, and you may get a chance to pose for the paparazzi. If you have an idea for the celeb inspired Halloween costume, share it in comments.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Ladies

One thought that fills fear into a man’s heart is what to buy for her girlfriend, spouse, sister or mother. But ladies never like the gift that captures their eye; they go for one that captures their heart. And a classic jewelry gift will give her a message of your love and respect towards her.
So here is your guide to buy a unique jewel for your lady and surprise her like never before: -

Fashion Diamond Stud Earrings
Good things come in small packages, but the best ones come in jewelry boxes. Gorgeous stud earrings embellished in pave diamonds can be flaunted on every occasion. Vibrant luster of the diamonds will remind her of your infinite love and special place she holds in your life. 

Cameo Pendant
Cameo pendants are desired by every woman for their impeccable artwork and flawless features. These pendants inscribed with figurines like battle scenes, religious monograms, cupid’s arrow, rose, and princess, etc. can perfectly work as a token of your admiration for her. If she prefers something subtle, pick a cameo.

Beads Necklace
Funky bead necklaces are a favorite photo prop for all girls. These adorable necklaces entwined in gemstones will surely bring a smile on her face. Perfect for any outfit, a bead necklace can be worn on a beach party, romantic holidays, or with her casual dresses. 

Macramé Bracelet
Light and stylish, jewelry is no less pretty than the traditional fine jewelry. Macramé bracelets are a perfect blend of ancient knotting technique and modern diamonds and gemstones. Nothing can add an oomph factor to her look, but this trendy bracelet, that will accentuate her wrist.

Fancy Nail Ring
When it comes to relationships, a ring can speak thousand times louder than words. A unique nail ring inscribed with a letter, or a romantic word will make her fall for you every time she adorns it. If she is fond of hand ornamenting, a diamond studded nail ring is all you need to bring smile on her face.

Give a little thought to her personality and taste, and pick the best jewelry gift for her that can be cherished forever. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Top 3 Gemstone Pendants

The usage of gemstones in jewelry has been a timeless tradition. From headbands to anklets, no jewelry has remained untouched from the magic of mesmeric gemstones. But there is one category of adornments that has endured the bliss of solitaires probably since the beginning of human existence. They are ‘pendant necklace’. These small pieces of jewelry have kept all women as well as men captivated by their allure. Let’s give a short look to their most enchanting categories:

·         Diamond Pendants: Diamonds top the list of preference in this respect, due to their sophisticated look and elegant shine, they have been an eternal symbol of class and panache among all. A pear shaped pink diamond etched in bezel setting and entwined in a platinum chain can be the dream pendant for any lady or a heart charm accentuated with shimmering princess cut diamond may be the piece of accessory she deserves on the upcoming wedding anniversary. Numerous cuts and colors of the alluring diamonds make it even more difficult to choose just one!!

·         Sapphire Pendants: The gemstone got its real recognition in the Victorian Era. Sapphire acquires the second position in the wish list of all jewelry enthusiasts. An oval cut blue sapphire embroidered on the outside with micropave diamonds can be an effortless help in flaunting your empyrean sense of style. Similarly, a lovely cushion cut sapphire seems enough to bestow you with a queenly aura on any special ceremony. It is widely believed that in the earlier times, sapphires were used as amulets to check the faithfulness and loyalty of the partner-to-be. And if the gem changed its color, the wearer’s transparency would come under question.

·         Ruby Pendants: Ruby, being the symbol of love and romance, holds the third position in the list of most desired pendants. Jewelry artists have endured every color of ruby, from subtle pink to stupendous pigeon’s blood. Four marquise cut ruby gemstones accentuated in a flowery fashion and entwined in 18 karat yellow gold chaplet, can be the classic choice for a sober home maker to a professional cosmopolitan. And a round cut ruby embellished with baguette cut diamonds can be the perfect accessory for that flowing pink evening gown. It is a well known fact that relationships have an upper edge for women as compared to men. So, if you want to get back the spark or passion in the bonds with your loved ones back, then ruby can be your best partner.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Ruby Is What She Might Be Expecting From You

Are you planning to get a wedding ring for your better half? A ruby may be an answer to your long quest in this respect. Ruby, that is rightly called ‘the king of gemstones’ radiates passion and romance in the most brilliant fashion. You might have noticed the ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’ singer Jessica Simpson flaunting a smashing ruby ring on her finger. The stunning wedding band was presented to her by former footballer and her to-be husband Eric Maxwell Johnson. The warm expression of love from her beau instantly caught the attention of media. The ring had a large ruby at the center ornamented with two-pear shaped diamonds.

Some people call this gem as an emblem for unending love. And so it comes as no surprise that even the affluent facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg chose a ruby, when he wanted to propose his girlfriend Priscilla Chan (they had a relationship of nine years!!). The CEO of one of the most popular social networking sites chose the most correct gem to express his eminent feeling to his love. The ring was highly appreciated by her beloved ones when she was seen wearing it in Palo Alto, Calif on a lunch date.

Do you know that what is the factor that makes ruby immensely engaging? It is the color. The pure gleaming red color, which is also renowned as ‘pigeon’s blood’, naturally represents the true color of love and affection. Other lovely shades ranging from pink to red and maroon are the relative ones that can be used to express other shades of affinity (friendship, adoration, respect, etc.). The bright hue of this gemstone makes it so special that many times even the inclusions make no difference to the kind. May be this is the reason that it gets all the attention from the people wildly in love as it gracefully reflects the color of amour.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Tale of Pendants

“Pendants”, one of the most widely adorned jewelry, has a very interesting tale of its origin. It was not fashion or style, but religious beliefs among people that guided them to wear chaplets with single stones. The earliest pendants were inspired from the True Cross that is derived from the Christian religion. Women being sentimental creatures generally preferred to wear objects with an emotional message or relevance. The habit continues even today as several designers design their products keeping in view the tender and emotive nature of females. Following are some of the supreme categories of pendants that have been in vogue lately:


The leading emotion that compels maximum purchases in jewelry world is – “desire to look most beautiful”. And when it comes to this, nothing can match the allure of diamonds. A white gold pendant with a heart shaped charm accentuated with shimmering diamonds is the jewelry that can easily add a new grace to a women’s appearance.

diamond pendant


Moving on to the most obvious preference of the elite class, pearls are one of the most preferred options in pendants category. Be it a ‘mother of pearl’, or a cultured or fresh water one, this glistening drop can speak in volumes about your premium choice and classic taste. A pearl pendant with a heavenly curved style can draw every viewer to the ‘world of dreams’ any day. Carved gemstone pendants and colored gemstone pendants with soothing shades are a subtle choice for hot temperatures.
Pearl Pendant

Metallic Pendants

One of the most common genres, “metal pendants” has maintained its shine over the centuries. Gold and silver still command an edge over gemstones due to their intricate filigree and affordable rates.  A sun inspired motif flaunting a lustrous pattern and pure gold fabrication can do wonders to your persona and charm. The passion and fire radiated by metal registers an amazing appeal that can hardly be resisted by anyone. 925 sterling silver pendant carved in the shape of a sea horse and embraced with metallic rhodium finesse can bequest you a ‘Boho’ appearance. If you are planning for a visit to a beach, then a chic metal pendant is what precisely can go with your flowing summer dress.
 Metal Pendants


Similarly, modern motifs such as flowers, holy symbols, letters, amulets, etc are also being crafted by jewelry artists into incredible jewelry pieces. Fusion of diamonds with 18 karat gold, 14 karat gold, platinum and even pink gold has caught the attention of the jewelry lovers. Customized diamond pendants are in great vogue these days. So, you can adorn your favorite shape or icon as pendant around your neck molded in gold and accented with illuminating diamonds.
 Motif Pendants