Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Tale of Pendants

“Pendants”, one of the most widely adorned jewelry, has a very interesting tale of its origin. It was not fashion or style, but religious beliefs among people that guided them to wear chaplets with single stones. The earliest pendants were inspired from the True Cross that is derived from the Christian religion. Women being sentimental creatures generally preferred to wear objects with an emotional message or relevance. The habit continues even today as several designers design their products keeping in view the tender and emotive nature of females. Following are some of the supreme categories of pendants that have been in vogue lately:


The leading emotion that compels maximum purchases in jewelry world is – “desire to look most beautiful”. And when it comes to this, nothing can match the allure of diamonds. A white gold pendant with a heart shaped charm accentuated with shimmering diamonds is the jewelry that can easily add a new grace to a women’s appearance.

diamond pendant


Moving on to the most obvious preference of the elite class, pearls are one of the most preferred options in pendants category. Be it a ‘mother of pearl’, or a cultured or fresh water one, this glistening drop can speak in volumes about your premium choice and classic taste. A pearl pendant with a heavenly curved style can draw every viewer to the ‘world of dreams’ any day. Carved gemstone pendants and colored gemstone pendants with soothing shades are a subtle choice for hot temperatures.
Pearl Pendant

Metallic Pendants

One of the most common genres, “metal pendants” has maintained its shine over the centuries. Gold and silver still command an edge over gemstones due to their intricate filigree and affordable rates.  A sun inspired motif flaunting a lustrous pattern and pure gold fabrication can do wonders to your persona and charm. The passion and fire radiated by metal registers an amazing appeal that can hardly be resisted by anyone. 925 sterling silver pendant carved in the shape of a sea horse and embraced with metallic rhodium finesse can bequest you a ‘Boho’ appearance. If you are planning for a visit to a beach, then a chic metal pendant is what precisely can go with your flowing summer dress.
 Metal Pendants


Similarly, modern motifs such as flowers, holy symbols, letters, amulets, etc are also being crafted by jewelry artists into incredible jewelry pieces. Fusion of diamonds with 18 karat gold, 14 karat gold, platinum and even pink gold has caught the attention of the jewelry lovers. Customized diamond pendants are in great vogue these days. So, you can adorn your favorite shape or icon as pendant around your neck molded in gold and accented with illuminating diamonds.
 Motif Pendants

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