Friday, October 17, 2014

Top 3 Gemstone Pendants
The usage of gemstones in jewelry has been a timeless tradition. From headbands to anklets, no jewelry has remained untouched from the magic of mesmeric gemstones. But there is one category of adornments that has endured the bliss of solitaires probably since the beginning of human existence. They are ‘pendant necklace’. These small pieces of jewelry have kept all women as well as men captivated by their allure. Let’s give a short look to their most enchanting categories:

·         Diamond Pendants: Diamonds top the list of preference in this respect, due to their sophisticated look and elegant shine, they have been an eternal symbol of class and panache among all. A pear shaped pink diamond etched in bezel setting and entwined in a platinum chain can be the dream pendant for any lady or a heart charm accentuated with shimmering princess cut diamond may be the piece of accessory she deserves on the upcoming wedding anniversary. Numerous cuts and colors of the alluring diamonds make it even more difficult to choose just one!!

·         Sapphire Pendants: The gemstone got its real recognition in the Victorian Era. Sapphire acquires the second position in the wish list of all jewelry enthusiasts. An oval cut blue sapphire embroidered on the outside with micropave diamonds can be an effortless help in flaunting your empyrean sense of style. Similarly, a lovely cushion cut sapphire seems enough to bestow you with a queenly aura on any special ceremony. It is widely believed that in the earlier times, sapphires were used as amulets to check the faithfulness and loyalty of the partner-to-be. And if the gem changed its color, the wearer’s transparency would come under question.

·         Ruby Pendants: Ruby, being the symbol of love and romance, holds the third position in the list of most desired pendants. Jewelry artists have endured every color of ruby, from subtle pink to stupendous pigeon’s blood. Four marquise cut ruby gemstones accentuated in a flowery fashion and entwined in 18 karat yellow gold chaplet, can be the classic choice for a sober home maker to a professional cosmopolitan. And a round cut ruby embellished with baguette cut diamonds can be the perfect accessory for that flowing pink evening gown. It is a well known fact that relationships have an upper edge for women as compared to men. So, if you want to get back the spark or passion in the bonds with your loved ones back, then ruby can be your best partner.

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