Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Ruby Is What She Might Be Expecting From You

Are you planning to get a wedding ring for your better half? A ruby may be an answer to your long quest in this respect. Ruby, that is rightly called ‘the king of gemstones’ radiates passion and romance in the most brilliant fashion. You might have noticed the ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’ singer Jessica Simpson flaunting a smashing ruby ring on her finger. The stunning wedding band was presented to her by former footballer and her to-be husband Eric Maxwell Johnson. The warm expression of love from her beau instantly caught the attention of media. The ring had a large ruby at the center ornamented with two-pear shaped diamonds.

Some people call this gem as an emblem for unending love. And so it comes as no surprise that even the affluent facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg chose a ruby, when he wanted to propose his girlfriend Priscilla Chan (they had a relationship of nine years!!). The CEO of one of the most popular social networking sites chose the most correct gem to express his eminent feeling to his love. The ring was highly appreciated by her beloved ones when she was seen wearing it in Palo Alto, Calif on a lunch date.

Do you know that what is the factor that makes ruby immensely engaging? It is the color. The pure gleaming red color, which is also renowned as ‘pigeon’s blood’, naturally represents the true color of love and affection. Other lovely shades ranging from pink to red and maroon are the relative ones that can be used to express other shades of affinity (friendship, adoration, respect, etc.). The bright hue of this gemstone makes it so special that many times even the inclusions make no difference to the kind. May be this is the reason that it gets all the attention from the people wildly in love as it gracefully reflects the color of amour.

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