Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vibrant Multi Sapphire Jewelry

Do you like a rainbow and its variant colors? The subtle hues do not scream for attention but have a subdued charm. The same elegance is mirrored by the astonishing shades of multi sapphires. The generous fusion of assorted colors is the supreme character that makes this category of sapphires a truly exquisite one. Many people are unaware of the fact that multi sapphire not only exist in green, orange and purple colors, but there are so many other tones available that a rainbow can be created out of it. That is why multi-sapphire jewelry is at times referred as 'rainbow jewelry.'

A gemstone bracelet that has multi color stones looks surprisingly wondrous. The motley of variant-hues flaunted by it complements each other in the most amazing fashion.  A multi sapphire product would bear a variety of colors that might range from cute baby pink to fiery red all in that one piece of jewelry. These colors look superb, but there are others such as bluish greens or the reddish browns that also earn their due regard. Thoughts of a flowing river or a lively green valley may surround you whenever you look at them. Such is the beauty of a comely multi sapphire!!

It is not easy to figure out complimenting jewelry for all those special evening dresses every time.  A multi sapphire jewelry piece might be the best solution to this problem.  Pastel hues are the most adorable ones among all. Their pale glow bestows them with a soft charm that makes it a great option for warm weather. Colors such as yellow, orange and pink will look best; if you are planning to get some trendy accessories this summer. They can greatly help you in flaunting your own style statement, even when the sun is scorching high up in the sky.

Wedding season reminds us that it is the time of the year when we should buy some nice jewelry. So, if you are considering the variety of options for the upcoming marriage, then a rainbow sapphire band may be the end of your search. You can have multiple colors on the ring and that assures of its versatility with the dresses in your closet. You can either go for designer multi sapphire jewelry as per your choice or get one customized for yourself as per your personal preference. Multi sapphire jewels become a favored choice, as they complement almost any apparel in a women’s wardrobe.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Enthralling World Of Head And Hair Jewelry

‘But if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For her hair are given to her for a covering.’ -The great bible beautifully describes the poise and grace long locks add to a women’s persona. Rightly said, yes long hairs are bliss to every woman. But every beautiful thing needs to be preserved and cherished all the time, right? That is the reason why women around the world are heavily inclined towards prettifying their hair with gorgeous hair jewelries and accessories.

 Previously, both women and men used to fashion their mane with jewelry pieces made up of ivory, gold and shells.  It was the Greeks who invented hair bands to tie back hair, an accessory that is still used by men and women around the world. Their modified version came to light later on as and when humans felt the need to add more artistry to their hair.

Hair Accessories

This gave jewelry artists a golden opportunity to step in world of hair styling with their own creative ideas. The wide number of glamorous and chic motifs presented by them proved quite useful in gratifying the quest for stunning head adornments among women. Every single hair accessory has an interesting history of its own. In the 1800s and 1900s, comb was one of the most popular hair accessories. For class distinction, combs used by royal families were often decorated with real or faux gems, diamonds, and other precious stones. Women also wore ribbons, pearls, or beautiful bonnets to decorate their hair. Tiaras, headbands, Greek headbands (the ones that are closed from the back and open in front), hair chains, hair bows are the other entities that joined the league later on.

The trends may have changed with time but desire to beautify oneself has remained the same. The present world presents a plethora of options for each kind of hair. Thinking of which option would suit you the most? Well, for the starters a 18 karat yellow gold hair comb embellished with lustrous blue sapphires in pave setting can be an excellent pick for long hair. In case you are the bride or bride maid, you can always garland your hair with a small tiara festooned with yellow diamonds and emeralds. For those having an exquisite taste, a sterling silver Greek headband embellished with feather motif can be their best pick for all kinds of special occasions.

The July Birthstone: Ruby

A beautiful pendant with a ruby etched on its nub; does this jewelry come to your mind when you think of gifting a July born person? If it is, then you are absolutely correct as there is no better way to demonstrate your well wishes for a July born individual. Every person, whether July born or not, secretly desires to be gifted with ruby that is known for arousing imagination, senses, and stir. The red color of this mesmeric gemstone is acknowledged for its radiating power, passion, fire, vivacity, friendship, care and love. You would be surprised to know that it not only helps in improving relationship because of its exceptional qualities, but it also aids people who lack love for themselves (self love).

People born in the month of July have one great thing to be glad about. Ruby, that is the mightiest gemstone in the universe, is associated with their stars (in the astrological sense). So, it means they are the most suitable ones who can get the maximum benefits from ruby, if they wear it or even if place it under their pillow when they sleep. The rings endured with ruby carry the power to bless its wearer with vital life force (the energy to survive) and immunity from diseases.

Designer Ruby Gemstone Ring

There are times when a July born might feel lack of intimacy between with spouse. A ruby in this case, might help in getting the spark back in one’s love life. Apart from these, there are many healing properties of this wonderful gemstone as well, that several people don’t know. It aids in cleansing the germs and infections present in blood, along with increasing the circulation. It is also good for balancing the sugar in blood, and thus can keep many diseases at bay. Many people experience negative thoughts frequently, and to their merriment, it also reduces the inclination towards such thought patterns.

Also, how can someone forget how incredible it looks, when enshrined in jewelry items? From vermilion to ‘pigeon’s red’, the color gets all the credits. Yes, it is the astounding hue of ruby that is loved the most by jewelry lovers all over the world. So, even if there are some inclusions in it, they do not degrade the quality of ruby in any manner. The brightest color is obviously the most desirable one. It is rightly said the ‘king of the gemstones’, as a perfect ruby can surely bless our life with the ardor that we secretly wish for.